Why Veteran-Owned Businesses Succeed (and Why They Fail)

Having grown and sold several businesses after serving in the Army, I know a few things about how to leverage a military career into civilian success. I made it big—but barely. 

My military training served me well when it came to discipline, leadership, integrity, sacrifice, and performing under pressure, but I found myself alone a lot of the time and shouldering more than my share of the workload to get things done. While work took off, my health, marriage, and quality of life went down the tubes. 

If this sounds familiar, take heart. I eventually (and thankfully) found a better way. 

Here’s what I learned.

  • Join a veteran-owned business community.
    It’s not hard to find local networking groups, but veteran businesses (and their founders) tend to be wired a little differently than their civilian counterparts. Finding veteran-focused masterminds, like the Cohort we offer at The Lions Pride, is the key finding others who speak a similar language. 

  • Find a mentor or a coach. From sounding boards to advisory boards, mentors are members of the business community who have been where you want to go.

  • Invest in real-time, results-based tools. Every business owner needs powerful, proven tools that clarify branding, accelerate results, and drastically improve outcomes. Without the right tools, you’re stuck working harder to get the same results—and wasting precious time. Which leads us to...

  • Set yourself up to win—at work AND at home. If you win at work, but fail at home, you fail. Period. Your military training gives you the ability to make an unbelievable impact with your business AND your family—if you know where and when to show up. 

According to the Small Business Administration, veterans are the most successful business owners in America. Currently, more than 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses employ over 5 million U.S. citizens and generate more than $1.14 trillion dollars in annual receipts. 

They are doing it with little community support, reduced access to appropriate capital, and limited business resources when compared to their civilian peers.

Imagine what could happen if veteran-owned businesses were better equipped to succeed. 

Get a glimpse of what it looks like here.




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