Meet Bill Watkins

the 10x acceleration expert


I've been Called many things...

And I deserve most of them. 

Business leader. Accelerator. Supportive husband. Proud dad. World-class athlete. Decorated veteran. The real deal. And a few I won’t mention (but that doesn’t mean they are any less true).

I’ve also been called the ‘CEO Whisperer’ because I speak the language of high performance and accelerated results. It’s fast-paced, mind-blowing, a little gut-wrenching, and positively life-changing.

Just like the results you’ve always wanted.

I used to struggle with getting it all done to the performance level I’m naturally drawn to. After working with Bill Watkins for a year, I see the value he brings to me as a CEO, a father, and a man.
— Chris Hessler, Linkwell Health

You came here to learn about me,

Here’s what you need to know.


Speed and acceleration are in my blood.

I’ve been a competitive, high-performer since birth (I beat my due date by several days), driving my early teachers crazy because I had to be the first to do everything. I’m sure I’m the reason my mom was the first one of her friends to go gray, too.

I actively seek the top.

I graduated in the top 2% at West Point and received two MSMs while holding two company commands during my service. I was recruited into the Army’s world-class athlete program and competed for selection to two Olympic Teams in 1980 and 1984. I went back at age 55 and stepped onto the National Championship podium again—just to prove I could do it.

I’m no stranger to the bottom.

I knew that creating the life I wanted wasn't going to be easy, and I made every mistake to make sure it wasn't. I’ve come close to losing everything. I’ve been scarred on battlefields of business and life. I lost decades worth of revenue (remind me to tell you about my $20,000,000 mistake). I’ve been divorced. I even came within minutes of suicide. So when I tell you I’ve been there, know that I mean it. And when I try to keep you from making those mistakes, know that I mean that, too.

I make my own opportunities.

In 1994, I started transforming a garage-based startup to an 8-figure valuation—and sold it for cash in 2012. And two years later, I turned my tools and experience into a 10x Acceleration Playbook that helps high-performers like you achieve faster, better, and easier success—with fewer speed bumps.

I do this job for a reason.

Of everything I’ve ever done, creating The Lions Pride is why I’m on this planet. I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. Helping people like you get more out of your day, your relationships, and your business is what gets me out of bed every morning. How can I help you live an extraordinary life?


Because you are here



I'm also willing to bet that if you continue working harder and slower than you need to, you are selling yourself—and everything and everyone you want in your life—short.

And you're so much better than that. 

It’s time to put your drive and talent to better use. Eliminate stress, overwhelm, guilt, and worry and replace them with clarity, control, meaning, and happiness. You have it where it counts. Now get the tools, the team, and the training to do what it takes.

The Lions Pride and I are ready to push you 10x further and faster than you ever thought possible.

The question is: Are you?

Bill is a man with more success than anyone I know, but you’d never know it… He’s not interested in convincing you of his worth. He doesn’t have to. He’s been where I want to go and when he talks, I listen.
— Ben serotta, serotta competition bicycles
Jackson Hole Mastermind, January 2018

Jackson Hole Mastermind, January 2018

There's no such thing as Work-LIFE balance.

Unless you also believe in unicorns, Bigfoot, and Santa Claus.

We have all been there. We’ve played catch-up at work and dropped the ball at home. We’ve committed to family and lost game-changing business opportunities. We’ve tried doing both simultaneously and watched both suffer—sometimes irreversibly.

I hate to break it to you, but work and life will never exist in separate-but-equal quantities. There is no balance, only the ebb and flow of what’s important at any given moment in your life. When the pieces of your life are well-managed, they move with the tide and the pull of gravity. When they are broken, missing, or too heavily weighted, everything will eventually grind to a painful halt.

I’m proof that you can be an exceptional spouse, an attentive parent, a groundbreaking entrepreneur, and vibrantly healthy all at the same time. It just takes walking the harder, smarter path toward a stronger business and a better life with the ones you love.

I know you are doing the best you can.

And we promise we can help you do it better.

I was looking for a mentor who has been where I’m going—not just a coach who could motivate me and tell me what I’m doing right, but one who could specifically identify where I am stuck and have answers to push me forward. This requires someone who has done more than just ‘made it.’ It requires someone who has studied, who can coach, who has a broad range of knowledge, and who continues to seek out—and test—programs that get results.
— Emmanuel Eleyae, Eleyae Systems

Not sure what you need?

Every member of The Lions Pride is more than an exceptional business leader. We’re also parents, spouses, little league coaches, friends, and volunteers. We don’t want to just 10x how we contribute to our bottom lines. We want to 10x how we contribute to everything.
— Bill Watkins, Founder