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a 60-second gut check

our badass assessment tool

Here’s where you speed-dial it in to see what parts of your life and business could use some attention. Don’t overthink or change your answers—they are cut-and-dried replies for a reason. And no judgment. This tool is simply a way for you to identify where you are and where we can help.
I get the non-urgent important stuff done, manage my stress well, and sleep* well enough to do it all again the next day. *
*Minimum of 7 hours sleep a night. No, 4 hours is NOT enough.
My company has a firm grasp on its core messaging, mission, and values — and has it written down on a single piece of paper. *
My marriage* and personal relationships are thriving. *
NOTE: Your spouse/partner/family/friends agree with my answer.
I have a reputation as someone who makes and keeps promises by showing up on time, delivering as agreed, and focussing on the moment at hand. *
I am present and not multitasking.
I don’t always have all the answers, but I know where and who to go to for help, advice, and tools for my business — and I do it! *
I can identify, hire, and keep A-Player talent on my team (and/or within reach) and they love working here. *
I hold regular, productive, and engaging meetings that never suck. *
My team and I know how to set, measure, track, and commit to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and future goals. *
I find purpose and joy in my work and in my life. *
While I may not be in the best shape of my life, I make my physical, mental, and spiritual health a priority every day. *
I generally get everything done I need to, always on time. *
I know which things I am best equipped to do (I can harness and unleash) and which things are best left to another badass (I can delegate). *
Before you click "submit," review your answers. What one thing could you focus on that will bring you the most positive changes across the whole of your life?