Improve Your Relationships With One Special Thing

Everything we do at The Lions Pride is geared toward accelerating your business and enhancing your life at the same time. We talk a lot about creating unique experiences with your customers, your employees, and your brand so you can separate yourself from the competition and deliver on your promises. 

Today, I’ll show you how to create unique experiences with your loved ones. I call it The One Special Thing.

If you’ve read enough of my newsletters, you know I love to shorten my programs to acronyms (blame it on the Army). The One Special Thing—the OST—is something I’ve done with my kids for a number of years. 

It started back when I was doing a lot of international travel. When the kids were old enough, I started taking Lena and Mark with me on business trips, and I’d extend our stay beyond the business part so we could enjoy a new experience together. As they got older and I traveled less, the OSTs continued and became more one-on-one. 

There are four “Big Gets” of an OST.

  • The recipient gets to pick what we do.

  • It gets on my calendar.

  • We both get to do it. 

  • I get to pay. :-)

Thanks to the OSTs I’ve done with my family, I’ve experienced things I never would have by myself. I’ve seen plays with my daughter. I’ve toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my son. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for fine art, for fly fishing, and for each of my kids. Every year, I learn something new about the people I love, about myself, and about the world. 

I should emphasize that OSTs do not have to be expensive or elaborate to be meaningful. Rather, it’s about being present, fully connecting, and understanding their interests. And it’s about time. That’s just it—if you haven’t connected with your loved ones recently—isn’t it about time?




There’s no time like the present to start carving out your calendar for the people you love. Put your intentions in writing by blocking off dates and times for important phone calls with loved ones, dates with your spouse, weekends with your family. Treat these non-negotiable appointments as if they were with your VIPs—because they are!


Ask your loved ones (especially your spouse and kids!) to come up with two things they would love to do, try, or experience with you. Separately, come up with a list of two things you would love to do, try, or experience with them—and make sure you explain why. 

Swap lists and see where (and what) it gets you!


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