Small team, big dreams.

If Bill is 10X, we are 100X. 

Our small team of ninjas is building a better world one CEO and founder at a time.

(pssst. That's YOU).




My secret weapon isn't a secret. It's a team.

As I’m sure you’ve learned already, I’m a guy who practices what he preaches. I didn’t become one of the most sought-after acceleration experts on my own; my accelerated results—and yours—are the exponential contributions of a thoughtfully curated, highly-talented team of A-players. These ninjas make sure you have what you need, when you need it (and maybe a little before), so you never have to take your foot off the throttle.

And here’s something else.

Every member of my team means business—because every one of them is a business owner.

They speak your language because they know the vocabulary of people who were born to get things done. This is the collective horsepower of The Lions Pride.


“I hire a-players
and pay them what they're worth.”

Bill Watkins, Founder


We hit the ground sprinting because

Our core is a solid six-pack.


We believe that better matters.

When you find a better way to get things done at work, a better way to relate to the ones you love, and a better way to make time for what’s important—even if it never “officially” makes it into your schedule—you build a better life, a better business, a better family, and a better community. 

We believe an extraordinary life is more than great work.

Accelerating growth in businesses and making tons of money is impactful, meaningful, and exciting, AND so is developing full, grounded, amazing relationships with the people you love. You do your best work when you are living your best life--and so do we!

We believe 10X is as easy at 10%.

None of us have ever chosen average. While 10% better is good enough for some, we know we are capable of so much more—and we're all willing to work a little smarter to get it. We know that 10x better is a combination of better tools, different perspective and incomparable people. And we believe if you're going to make the effort, you darn well better make the difference, too.


We believe in keeping promises. This means guaranteeing our work, delivering on time, communicating any disruption, being there when needed, and paying attention. We bring our best to the table, and not just because Bill expects it. Because we do. 

We believe in choosing “and” over “or.”

We believe that no one is just one thing. We can be parents and professionals. We can be experts and lifetime learners. We can be exceptional partners and independent thinkers. All at the same time.

We believe in blazing trails.

If the road less traveled made all the difference, the trail we blaze could change the world. And we won’t stop until we do, one CEO and founder at a time. 


“I make lorem ipsum look like shakespeare.”

Maria Corver
Graphic Designer / Aspiring Tomato Farmer

Great content is genius by design.

Maria believes that great design hits people square in the face, right in the middle of their right and left brains. “Strong design is both beautiful and functional, emotional and logical, imaginative and fact-based,” says Maria, who has designed websites and branding for companies all over the world. “The right words ensure you say what you mean. The right design ensures everyone remembers it.”

“I’ve personally seen what Bill has done for clients, and I'm a believer. TLP projects are some of my favorites because he knows how to push me to perform.”


“I herd cats and make it look easy.”

Samantha Dillenback
Chief of Staff / Lion Tamer

There's no place for a mad scramble at work
Unless you have an omelet station in the breakroom.

Sam brings her A-game to systems administration by organizing teams of diverse experts, synchronizing communication, and empowering the highest levels of ownership. "We joke that I'm the 'Lion Tamer,' but the truth is that everyone performs better and faster when there are fewer hoops to jump through," she says. "Oh, and I occasionally crack the whip, so the title is probably fair!" 

“I'm passionate about The Lions Pride because I believe we need leaders—and companies and communities—with healthy perspectives on life and business. If you want the best of both, you have to know how to bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you. And Bill does that.”

“I eat action verbs for breakfast.
And also bacon.”

Kacey Langel Ma
Copywriter / Thought Translator

great content never goes without saying.

Senior copywriter and corporate ghostwriter, Kacey has unleashed action verbs for international, national, and local brands for over a decade. She seamlessly slips into character with clients and audiences alike, turning napkin scribbles into thought pieces, dry data into luscious headlines, and above-the-fold paragraphs into bottom line results.

“When I started working with Bill, I took two minutes off my 5K time—his productive spirit and focus are just that powerful. If everyone could stir a bit of The Lions Pride into their coffee each day, we’d all get a lot more done!”


This is what we do for Bill. 

Just wait until you see what we do for you.