Every Cohort member of The Lions Pride receives

A virtual meeting room

Gather, learn, and problem-solve with your curated group regardless of time zone or physical location. They'll be there when you need them, and vice versa.

Specific, step-by-step training

You'll work through the curriculum on your own and with a team, applying it to your specific needs while getting feedback and support along the way.

Emergency strategy sessions

Curveballs happen, and when they do, so do our mastermind emergency sessions. Your personal board of advisors awaits.

Access to every single Lions Pride Course

You want the your own10X Business Accelerator Playbook? You've got it.

Invitations to the transformative Live Events

Every TLP member is invited to the 3-day retreats held at The Ranch every quarter

It just matters...I can better change people’s lives as a result of having a process in place, of having men I can depend on through our mastermind group, and our coaching sessions.