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Everything you need to add dollars to your bottom line, focus to your day, and time in your life for what’s important.


Courses of Action


The 10x Accelerator Playbook is my expansive collection of tools, strategies, and advice combined with the supportive matrix of like-minded, badass peers, and battle-tested experts.

Unlike traditional masterminds and online courses, everything we do is geared to get things done. We don’t just teach—we workshop. We don’t just talk—we listen, give feedback, and introduce options. And you won’t just learn. You’ll create an extraordinary life.

Immediately, I began discovering my strengths, and became aware of—and began diligently working on—my inherent blindspots and accompanying weaknesses. My progress as a business owner and leader was exponential.

What do I get?



Battle-proven resources for business, productivity, and life.

Business tools this powerful mean more time, energy, and space for more of what you love.


A taught-and-tackled course structure.

We don’t just “watch and learn.” We see and do until it’s done. It’s definitely not the easy way, but it’s a proven way to get 10x results in a fraction of the time. Come. Learn. Kick ass.


No long-term obligation.

Come as you are. Leave as you learn. Or stay (and accelerate) as long as you like.


Direct access to Bill and his team.

For as long as you’re enrolled, you’ll have access to the course and its resources. And that includes Bill’s brain.


Bill’s Iron-Clad Guarantee.

If you show up, do the work, and put these tools in place, your results will speak for themselves or every penny comes back to you.

Working with Bill is like learning and doing your homework together in the same class. You go through the workshop, you get the stuff built, and you actually use it. That is huge.
— —John Hammon, ceo & founder, Fortimize

Get the tools you need in the time you have.

Here's what you need to know to get started.


3 Steps to BUILDING
your 10x playbook.


Get a Grip (on your biggest challenges).


Get Up To Speed.


Get Started.


Get a grip

what’s your (biggest) problem?

You may have a clear challenge in mind, but there probably is more to your story (and your success/happiness). Not to worry—we have an assessment tool for that.


Get up to speed

How fast do you want to go?

Rome may not have been built in a day, but they sure didn’t waste any time—and neither will we. We’ll grab our go-bag and pack it with exactly what you need.


One and Done

Whether you tackle them on your own or upgrade to join our live bootcamps with like-minded powerhouses, you’ll get battle proven, challenge-specific tools that you can integrate and execute—right now.

DIY Courses

From $500

Self-paced course structure

Templates, worksheets, and workbooks

One Live Q&A workshop at the end of the course.

Real-time, battle-proven, time-tested tools for business, productivity and life

Anytime access to the courses while enrolled

BEST FOR: Those who need the flexibility of a self-paced course and can hold themselves accountable.

I want the tools

Live Bootcamps

From $1000 each

All the benefits of the DIY courses PLUS

Weekly Live workshops for every module.

Access to the 10x Cohort while enrolled.

Access to Bill for questions

$1000 credit on Live Events while enrolled.

BEST FOR: Driven achievers who can commit to a set (and intense!) class schedule with active particiaption, real-time instruction, and live feedback.

Don't want to wait for the live session?

Click here to schedule your bootcamp

Exponential Growth

Accelerate your progress with targeted tools, advice, and feedback. Tap into Bill and/or a group of proven badass peers who push each other to lead exceptional businesses and lives week after week.

The 10x Cohort

From $1000/month

Unlimited access to the courses and bootcamps in the 10x Accelerator Playbook PLUS

SitReps: Weekly virtual meetings with the brightest bulbs in business to share current challenges, opportunities, and goals.

Individual Hot Seats: Opportunities to bring focused attention on specific challenge.

Unlimited 15-minute one-on-one “911” video calls with Bill.

Access to all Live Events (included in membership).

BEST FOR: High-performers who see their success on a jet-fueled continuum and who can actively commit to a group of like-minded peers on a weekly basis.

I want the team + the tools

VIP Coaching

From $2500/month

Everything in the 10x Cohort PLUS

Two individual in-depth sessions with Bill each month.

Bill in your back pocket, like a well-equipped Swiss Army knife for life and business.

Only 12 VIPs are selected each year.

BEST FOR: High-performers who want specific, tailored, and strategic attention on an on-call, as-needed basis.

I want Bill on speed-dial


Get started

buckle up.

Here is where rubber hits the road. By now you’ll know what fits your budget, your schedule, and your end-game. You have the opportunity to 10x your business and enhance your life at the same time—right here, right now. What are you waiting for?

Scroll back up and click your life into gear.

Need help deciding?

upcoming courses



Productivity is the artful prioritization of skills, passions, and desired outcomes with commitment, clarity, and compromise. Easier said than done--until you take this course.


From branding to building, the 10xAOS combines proven 10x Business Accelerator tools to help you accelerate results for your customers, your teams, and your bottom line.


Apply the same strategic principles for your business to your one extraordinary life—and experience the difference of intentional results. This course isn’t for the faint of heart—but the best lives rarely are!

Don't want to wait? No problem!

We can host Live Bootcamps of any course at any time, schedule permitting. It never hurts to ask!

I can say categorically that if you are truly willing to listen, learn, and implement Bill’s valuable tools, you will definitely get to a much better place – personally and professionally.
— Chris Hessler, CEO, Linkwell Health

Bill's Iron-clad Handshake



We promise to

help you keep your promises

Your wedding vows.
The first words you uttered to your newborn son.
The game you told your daughter you’d be in the stands for.
The contract you signed at work.
The list of things you swore you’d never do.

In a moment of calm, you made promises. And when the waters rise and the battle heats up, I’m here to make sure you keep them.

Whether you sign up for our 10x Accelerator newsletter, take one of our action-packed courses, or sign up as a VIP or 10x Cohort member, I promise to only do things that create incredible value.

It’s why I fully guarantee everything we do at The Lions Pride.

It’s not just because I’m confident my programs work (they do) or because everyone who has ever completed them has gone on to lead better, fuller, happier and more purposeful lives (they have). It’s because I made a promise to help you get 10x more out of your business and your life, and I fully intend to keep it.

I firmly believe I don’t deserve to get paid if your business doesn’t accelerate and life isn’t enhanced. Therefore, all my work—and your investment—is guaranteed by a simple formula:

Our guidance + 10x Acceleration Tools + Your Effort = Powerful Results.

Your results will speak for themselves or every penny comes back to you. Period.



Good. That means you’re paying attention!


What’s the difference between a DIY Course and a Live Bootcamp?


You need the flexibility of a self-paced video course and can hold yourself accountable.

It's fine to learn on your own, but nothing cements new training and tools like active implementation. Unlike other online video courses, our entire catalog includes a live group Q&A video session at the end of the course, usually with Bill, so you can apply what you've learned to your unique challenges.


You can commit to a set class schedule with pre-work, active participation, real-time instruction, and live feedback.

Usually facilitated by Bill, our bootcamps typically span a few weekly sessions or an intensive live experience that spans a few days. This immersive approach creates faster, easier, better results because participants are fueled by the collective feedback, ideas, and experiences of the Cohort.

Both the DIY Course and the Live Bootcamp include all templates, worksheets, and workbooks. 

What makes The Lions Pride different from other online courses and masterminds?

Plain and simple: Learning isn't doing.

It doesn’t matter if you watch a hundred courses, listen to a weekly podcast, or have four PhDs. If you’re not actively applying your knowledge to create a better business and a better life, you are wasting your time. Nothing about our 10x Cohort members or our Live Bootcamps is passive—this is a drink-from-the-fire-hydrant, hold-on-tight, massive check-in-the-box of the things your life and your business NEED you to do.

It’s not for everyone, but then again, neither are the results you want.


Have more questions? Even better.