How To Get an A-Player on Your Team

You aren’t an amoeba. Stop hiring like one.
— Bill Watkins

When I launched my first business, I kept frantically wishing there was more of me to go around. I was overwhelmed, stressed out, behind on everything, barely tackling what I was actually good at, and procrastinating the stuff I hated to do.

I learned the (very) hard way that trying to find my clone was a horrible idea. I didn’t need another me. I needed a team of A-Players who could do what I couldn’t. Better. Faster. Easier.

As I say in our A-Player Hiring Toolkit, “Don’t Replicate. Optimize.”

If you want a multi-talented team that rallies around your core purpose, your values, your vision, and your goals, you have to hire accordingly. And if you don’t know what you need or who you ultimately want, you’re bound to hire the wrong person who could cost you a helluva lot more than you bargained for.

The A-Player Hiring Toolkit makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Newly expanded to six modules, this Live Bootcamp gives you the information, worksheets, tools, and feedback to

  • Refine your candidate search so that you are only pulling from the cream of the crop.

  • Recruit based on the specific behavioral competencies that fill the gaps and push your company forward.

  • Reinforce your job position KPIs throughout onboarding and employee development so you can hold everyone equally (and legally) accountable to their job performance expectations.

  • Retain A-players by consistently giving them exactly what they want—and it isn’t always more money.

A-Players are the proven candidates who can 10X your company culture, your productivity, and your bottom line. These people aren’t just like you. They’re the people who make you—and your company—better.

Breathe easier, badass. Help is on the way.



I draw from Brad Smart’s Topgrading method for some of the course Modules. Read more below.


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